I was asked to share more about myself. “But what do you love?  What are you like? Please share that!”

Oh, golly. I love lots. 😀

I love laughing. Especially the kind where you’re doubled over, or the tears are streaming down your face. And you’re gasping for air. Those are fantastic. Especially since life can be so hard. Laughter is such a heavenly refreshment to the soul.  Giggles are great, too. Just the word makes me smile.

Which also means I love being silly. The word “dignity” and my name are nowhere near each other in the dictionary.

And then that means you know I love people. Usually. Let’s not get into a debate on masks or COVID vaccines or public health policies or beer versus wine. Or fried food. There are bigger fish to fry, 😉  and most important is to treat each other compassionately and respectfully, no matter where you sit on any proverbial fence.



Moooving on.

IPA from Twin Sisters Brewery in Bellingham, WA

getting ready for wine tasting

I also love good heart-to-heart conversations over any kind of beverage.  In the morning to early afternoon, give me a good cup of hot tea, loose-leaf is preferable, or a freshly brewed mug of locally roasted coffee. Or if it’s later in the afternoon or early evening, I’m happy to join in with a local microbeer, or a glass of wine. If it’s a cocktail, sorry, I’m just not your girl. They taste good, but the sugar content does me in and I’ll slump into a hypoglycemic coma over in the corner. Combine any delicious beverage with some tasty food, and mmm mmm yes! We are gonna have a good time together!




I love to cook and I love that my husband loves to cook for me AND that we have finally figured out how to negotiate cooking together. Often with music. Got to have some good rhythms in the kitchen going, because cooking means some dancing is involved.

photo by Jen Owens:  John is prepping his pizza…made from scratch, including the crust


refreshed from a 5-miler in the rain

So yeah, I love to move. Walking, running, cycling, kayaking, swimming, kickboxing, gardening, snowshoeing, and dancing…it’s all good.

Thought movement

just a tiny stack on my coffee table




I love thought movement, too. Oh sure, you know what I mean: reading and writing.  They flow out of each other like a river with its tributaries and confluence. I recently learned what that last word means when we camped near one.  There is a stack of non-fiction books on my coffee table and I am loving reading 3-4 at a time. And don’t get me wrong, while I enjoy learning and discussing what I’m learning, I also love me a good book of fiction, but my problem is that I am a picky eater when it comes to stories. Hence, it’s safer to give me non-fiction. And writing? I write most days. It sharpens my brain and keeps me on this side of crazy.


stopped in my tracks by a sunset over Highway 9 in Everson, WA

Finally,  Sunsets…yeah, gotta throw that in. I never tire of seeing them, and how they always seem like the gift they are, wrapped up and sent to us Special Delivery from God.

working on my Hope*Writer planner

And really, just being outdoors is something I love. Not talking backpacking. I’m more of a glamper with a great mattress and pillow. But then let me roam around outdoors in the daytime or sit quietly in my camping chair and soak in the nature all around me. With my John.

So there’s a peek in at me. These are just a few of my little sparklers in life. And all are generally best if shared. That unknown Swede was correct about a joy shared is a joy doubled.

How about you? What puts a smile on your face? Tell me. I’d love to have that conversation. And maybe over a cup of joe, or tea, or stein of beer or glass of wine. ;D


Whatcom County, WA