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Karen Morgan

Karen Morgan
Doctor of Physical Therapy, Credentialed Clinical Instructor, and Writer

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I LOVE movement. I especially love working with the movement of the heart, mind, and soul together with the body. As a doctor of physical therapy, I focus not just on physical movement; I also teach a unique perspective of how to move through life with purpose and direction. I untangle underlying physical, mental, and emotional “restrictions.” By focusing on the individual and encouraging the integration of mind and body, I champion a different kind of Healthcare.

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It challenges my heart, mind, body and soul.

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Hope and better health are always possible.

I connect the dots: your health is multi-faceted, so there is always something that can be improved. And anyone who says otherwise is probably selling you something, most likely in the form of a pill.

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Articles written by Dr. Karen Morgan PT, DPT, Writer

My Storybook Journal

On Relinquishing

On Relinquishing

There’s this ritual I do when I release an object that has held a meaningful place in my heart. First, I pause and recognize that while it may be a small thing to those around me, this moment is significant to me, and I need to visit with the why. And then second, I...

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An Arthritic Knee: Jan’s Story

An Arthritic Knee: Jan’s Story

Thanks to Nathan Dumlao for his photo  A Visit This past weekend longtime friends from south of Seattle visited us. Jan and I have been dear friends since college days at CSULB in California and I am very familiar with her arthritic woes.  But as she...

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Lessons Learned: a New Chapter

Lessons Learned: a New Chapter

New chapter? Wait? What? Was there a book?    Before you get excited, no. When I go through something big, something that takes up a lot of headspace and energy, I look at that as a new chapter. These are usually unexpected or unwanted. As we’re rolling into...

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Life Success Stories

Karen teaches as she heals! She gives you a whole new outlook on your health, is personable, takes her time in getting to know your health issues. She is a brilliant.

Susan Swanson

Karen is the best physical therapist I have found. She provided a deeper level of personalized care than I had experienced elsewhere while also providing me the education/tools to continue my progress at home. The fine details and assistance from Karen made all the difference for me. Truly a game changer.

Jeran Ulrich

I love her holistic approach. She not only took the time to listen and ask questions to discover exactly what was going on with my shoulder issues, but also took the time to get to know what was going on in my life, and connected the two.

Val L

Karen has a healing gift! She listens compassionately, and identified the very root of the problem.

Meg C

As an outdoor athlete, I can attest to her dedication to her practice,  genuine commitment to seeing her patients strong and healthy. She is thoughtful, attentive, communicative, and the definition of a compassionate expert. I cannot recommend her enough.

Aveen Ver Ploeg

Karen is hands down amazing. Very professional, kind, and intelligent. She knows exactly what she’s doing and someone I would highly recommend.

David Hoss

Karen has a much deeper approach to treatment; she teaches about how pain works in my brain, as well as how to integrate the mind with the body: changing unhealthy eating, sleeping, and thinking habits in my life. I very highly recommend her to everybody who wants to live an all around healthier life with less pain!

Chris Illman

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